Crashes upon loading multiple images (around 110)

As title says, I load images using the “open file” button, and a couple of seconds after they are opened, program crashes. Is there a better method in this program for making a movie using still images?

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Is it an image sequence?

I guess you could call it that? I want to more or less make a movie using a series of still images - varying time spent on certain frames, using transition effects between some, etc.

No, that does not sound like an image sequence. An image sequence is a video made of multiple image files using numbers in their name.

I just tested dropping 117 JPEG images on Windows 10 using Shotcut version 18.09.16, and it worked for me without crashing. You should always specify your version and operating system when reporting a bug.

Sorry, I am using that same version with Windows 10. I did the exact same thing as you did, but it consistently crashes. I tried opening files in smaller amounts, but eventually it crashes.

I just reproduced it on a second batch.

You mean, you made it crash? I was able to make it crash even loading 50 or so images.

Not a crash, but it hung when I dropped a second batch of 103 files (the first one was actually 66), and I to kill it. Now, I am testing it in my development version where I can debug it. I will get back to you after more testing to see if there is a workaround or another version to recommend. Well, besides the other obvious workaround is to only do a few at a time.

Thanks for looking into it.

I have a fix for the bug, but there is no workaround other than opening only like 10 at-a-time. However, I can give you a link to a nightly build containing the fix tomorrow. No need to be very worried; it has only very low risk changes over the current version.

Thank you. I tried loading 10 or 20 at a time, but it still crashes at some point, so that’s not a real work around for me anyway. I look forward to trying the fix, thanks.

This has been fixed for the next release v18.10

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Thanks, do I uninstall the previous version first?

Not necessary. You can also just download and use the portable zip by extracting it wherever you want and double-clicking shotcut.exe.

Many thanks, it works now!

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