Crash when using "Cut" shortcut key (X) too quickly

When editing I use the “X” key exclusively for my cuts (rather than menu). If clicking between clips when cutting from different tracks (in my case audio on one, video on another) SC will crash if you hit the “X” key before the system is ready. Usually have a .5 second delay before it’s safe to hit. Hope that makes sense.

Do you mean CRTL + X?
X is for Ripple Delete.

Sorry, wrong verbage.

X for Ripple Delete is what I was talking about.

I normally don’t use Ctrl + X, so I haven’t tested that out.

x and ctrl+x do the same thing. I have not reproduced it yet on Windows with v18.08.14. It might depend on what’s in the project. Do you have Ripple All Tracks turned on in the Timeline menu?

I reproduced it now. Selecting clips between different tracks was key. It does not matter whether Ripple All Tracks is enabled. It might be difficult to fix, but I will try.

I fixed this for the next version 18.09. It was not easy but well worth it because you can also crash simply by quickly selecting different clips where some have filters, which is a much more common scenario - even when using 1 track.

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Awesome! Thank you

It seemed like such a little thing but it definitely slows the work flow when using Ripple Delete a lot (which I do).

Looking forward to the upgrade. :grin:

Just to say that I found this happens too, so I am really grateful that it’s fixed for the next version. Thank you.