Crash when .PNG added

I’m running Shotcut 17.01.02 on Win10

When I add a .PNG file to use as a watermark or end credit, I see the word “Overwrite” in the video track I want to use and then Shotcut stops working and I get “not responding”

Actual steps:
I first add V1 track and drag my video track. Then I add V2 and drag the .PNG file onto it. I see the word OVERWRITE and then program stops.

Sorry I could not reproduce it using your fairly good steps. I do not know what is going wrong. Maybe someday someone else who knows how to code for Shotcut will experience the bug and contribute a fix.

I can confirm John’s error. I have exactly the same scenario producing the same crash.

You might be affected by this bug that was fixed for the next release.

So the program is unusable until the next release? When will that occur?

if you can add it as a gif you could use this site to help

Hi, usually there is a new Shotcut release in the beginning of each month.

The download page has a link to the older releases. Try v16.12. Converting it to GIF will not help.

v16.12 is working for me now. Thanks for your help/