Crash when opening audio/video device on macOS

Shotcut 20.2.17
Mac Mojave 10.14.6

Shotcut crashes when I try to open other Audio / Video device.

I’m new to shotcut; have read FAQ and also worked along with the entire first tutorial. This worked fine.

I was also able to import & edit files created in quicktime.

Now, I’m trying to record directly into Shotcut using a Logitech C270p USB camera. This is what I did:

Open Other > Audio/Video Device > select video and audio inputs. When I click OK, Shotcut crashes. “Shotcut Quit Unexpectedly” window opens with details log.

I tried selecting “built in camera” (with the USB camera UNPLUGGED), same results.

Tried deleting and downloading Shotcut again, same results.

Other selections from the “open other” window seem to work…I opened up “plasma” and “audio tone” just fine.

  • Am I doing something wrong?

  • I could not find a tutorial for recording directly into SHotcut. Does this exist?

  • If this version of Shotcut doesnt work on my OS, how can I download an older version? I followed links to “older versions” but I’m afraid I do not know how to install from Github, and will need instructions. Is there an installer package somewhere?


BTW, is is possible to edit my forum posts? I wrote “Shotput” instead of “Shotcut”. Sorry.

EDIT: figured out how to edit this post…sorry.

Sorry to hear about this, but I am not reproducing it also on macOS 10.14 using either devices built into MacBook or with a Logitech C920 USB webcam. You can use Quicktime Player to record from these devices, and then bring the media it creates into Shotcut.

No installer is needed. You simply go to the version you want, locate the shotcut…macos…dmg file and click it to download it. Then, install like a normal Shotcut install from DMG: drag-n-drop the app icon.

You should check macOS Settings > Security & Privacy to see if Shotcut has been denied access to the camera and microphone:

When I turn it off and test, Shotcut tells me it failed to open in the status message area in the middle of the window below the player instead of crash.

To notarize the newest version 20.02, Apple requires now to enable the hardened runtime. This page I linked says entitlements are required to access the audio and video inputs. However, I did not include any entitlements and my testing revealed they were not required. Maybe macOS remembers that I previously authorized the app to access these and then does not enforce.

I made a new DMG with resigned executables that includes the entitlements. Will you test it please?

Hi Dan

Thanks for the help.

I’ll try to test it. What do I have to do? Do I need to uninstall my current version?

Please give me specific instructions; i am a musician, not a computer programmer!

Yes, please uninstall by going to Applications in Finder and dragging it to the Trash.

See the link I added:

  1. click to download
  2. after download completes, double-click the DMG file to open it
  3. drag the Shotcut icon to the Applications folder
  4. close the DMG’s window
  5. run Shotcut from Applications using your usual method: Spotlight, Launchpad, Finder, etc.

Hey, it works! thanks. i’ll try recording with i later; i’m at work right now.
Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback. It is weird and disappointing how macOS made it difficult for me to verify this new requirement.
I updated the 20.02.17 macOS .dmg file on the GitHub and FossHub download sites.

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