Crash when adding audio file to audio track


Tried this like 20 times already with mp3 or wav but can’t add an audio file (even changed filename) to an empty audio track. Tried drag&drop, A, the plus button, but Shotcut crashes (exits) every time. :frowning:
Oh, the audio starts to play before I try to add it to the track.

v: 19.01.27
ubuntu 18 (up to date)
disk: enough free space
ram 4GB DDR4 2133
cpu: i3 7100U 2.4Ghz 2 core, 4 threads

Any suggestions pls?

I have Windows 10 and have not been able to reproduce this. I tested with mp3 and wav files. Unless there is a step you haven’t mentioned yet it could be due to low RAM maybe? Have you tried working with Shotcut before version 19.01.27?

If you mean in the preview window that’s normal.

hi DRM,
yes I meant that the preview window worked.
I was able to do what I wanted with a workaround: created a video from the audio with a static image. And the video I could add.
RAM: it is always at around 60%
version: haven’t tried earlier version, should I? which one?

also: shotcut freezez on me some other times but those ones don’t repeat usually or I succeed after 2-3 freezez. This audio adding was the first freeze which was 'sticky" even after PC reboot.

I see that my QT version (about / Qt) is only 5.6.1 while they are at 5.12 already. Can this be relevant? If so how to update? Can’t find any relevant info on this.


Found a “solution”: if I drag&drop the audio file (or video because that crashes sometimes too) from the preview to the timeline and hold it for 1-2sec before releasing then it won’t crash! :smiley:

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