Crash OSX importing .MOV files (Solved)

I use OSX with the built-in Screenrecorder from Quicktime.
It allows you selecting a screen region of arbitrary size.
The recorded several clips and want to edit them in Shotcut
for a tutorial, however it is impossible to import some clips.
the error is reproducible.

below are screenshots showing the files and dimensions.
green marked clips import, red cause Shotcut to crash immediately.
I also joined a red marked file.

I used OSX 10.13.4
SC 18.03.06

I trimmed the movie to about 3 seconds. this clip crashes as well when dragged in the playlist (726.3 KB)

No crash in Windows 10 with your file.

Using OSX and I turned OFF GPU Processing.
The files are now imported as they should with no problem.

Keep it off, it serves no purpose…