Crash on opening timeline window

Hi folks, new here and pretty new to video editing.
For some reason, after working fine for several weeks, shotcut has started crashing as soon as I try to open the timeline window.
I can add both video and audio files to my playlist, but cant open the timeline. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled shotcut several times, shut down and restarted ( of course!), and everything was working fine until a few minutes ago.
No new programs added to the computer that might have caused an issue either.
My OS is macOS 10.134 ( high sierra)

Any ideas?

All the best

If the timeline panel is floating dock it back into the main window.

As far as I can see, it’s not. However, I have three screens running and for some reason the main window became much larger before the crashes started, so I think I will disconnect the other screens and see what I get when I open it up.
I’ve put it on a second mac running mojave and all is fine…if I get to the bottom of it I will post what the problem was.

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