Crash app When apply Text:HTML filter (OSX)

Shotcut: 20.02.17
OSX 10.15.3
iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017)

When trying to apply a “Text:HTML” Shotcut crashes immediately.
The filters are not applied when reopening the project.

Did/does a previous version work?

no. It worked fine when using Windows.
I did the same thing on a Mac, but it crashed.

According to a reply in the linked topic Crop: circle / rectangle crash app (OSX) it is a problem in version 20.02.17 on macOS. When you wrote “no” did you actually test a previous version on macOS?

Can you please test this new build that is signed with additional hardened runtime entitlements?

Since a few versions, is notarized by Apple. However, in January, Apple increased the requirements for notarization by requiring the hardened runtime to be enabled during code signing. Now, in order to do certain things in your app, you need to enable entitlements. While testing on my Macs, I did not need to add any entitlements! Then, I had a bug report shortly after v20.02 released that it would crash in macOS when trying to open the microphone or webcam. I could not reproduce it, but I gave a newly signed build with entitlements to access audio input and camera, and that fixed it for them. I believe the WebKit HTML runtime that some filters use requires the JIT entitlement. However, even when I do a fresh install of macOS 10.15.3 in a virtual machine, I do not reproduce the problem. Frustrating! I can find nothing about why hardened runtime behaves different from one system to another. Nevertheless, I added some the JIT entitlement plus a couple of others for test.

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