Crackling audio when exporting renders containing converted clips

What is your operating system?
Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
(Please be specific and use the names as seen in Shotcut, preferably English. Include a screenshot or screen recording if you can. Also, you can attach logs from either View > Application Log or right-click a job and choose View Log.)

  1. Attempt to open a file encoded with a variable frame rate. Observe the warning about working with variable framerates.
  2. Choose to convert using the default settings (MOV).
  3. Open the converted clip outside of Shotcut (I used VLC Media Player). Observe that the audio behaves as expected.
  4. Open the converted clip inside Shotcut. Observe that audio playback is stuttery.
  5. Render the clip to an MP4 [default settings] (you can edit it if you want, but this isn’t necessary for the bug to occur).
  6. Open the rendered clip outside of Shotcut. Observe that similar stuttering is occurring to that when playing back the converted clip in Shotcut.

Converting the variable framerate clips to an MP4 (low-quality setting) avoids the issue, presumably at the cost of quality.

Linked files:

  • conversion log
  • render log
  • variable framerate video
  • converted video
  • video rendered from converted file

Available in shared folder:

I took the original file (1280x720 px with variable frame rate (minimum 12,474 fps maximum 30 fps) and did the editing in Shotcut (20.07.11).
The result was normal. I don’t have any choppy audio.
I did the following:
I created project in “no broadcast” mode 720 HD 30 FPS".
I dragged the original video file.
In my case, Shotcut created the proxy file scaled to 360 px, since I have that option enabled for all my projects.
Then I dragged the playlist file to the timeline. I selected that clip and in the Properties option, I chose “make it editable”.
I chose “best” DNxHR/ALAC MOV.
I noticed that the audio was only heard on the left side, so I added the “mix channels” audio filter, just to fill the right side.
I didn’t do any more editing.
I exported in H264 Baseline Profile format with default settings. The resolution 1280 x 720 and 30fps
I did not use hardware coding or parallel processing.
The result was an MP4 file with no audio problems.

Perhaps if you avoid the automatic video mode when creating the project and adjust to the value I indicated at the beginning, it will work better.

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