CPU usage

With the start of the school year, I’m starting to use Shotcut intensively again.
I am using the latest version 23.07.29.
I find shotcut slower than the version dated May 2023 for video export (HEVC 1080p)
A sensation or a proven fact?
I use my previous settings…

The processor does not exceed 45% usage… more than an hour of export for 45 minutes of video. I had noted, on average, that the export lasted less than the duration of the video itself.
The GPU is used at less than 20%.

Windows 10 up to date
i9 / 32GB / AMD VEGA 4GBVram GPU
mlt of 646 KB

Thank you for your feedback on the subject.

CPU usage

Avec la rentrée universitaire, je recommence à utiliser Shotcut de manière intensive.
J’utilise la dernière version 23.07.29.
Je trouve Shotcut plus lent que la version en date de mai 2023 pour l’export de la vidéo (HEVC 1080p)
Une sensation ou un fait avéré ?
J’utilise mes réglages précédents…

Le processeur ne dépasse pas 45% d’utilisation… plus d’une heure d’export pour 45min de vidéo. J’avais retenu, en moyenne, que l’export durait moins longtemps que la durée de la vidéo elle-même.
Le GPU est sollicité à moins de 20%.

Windows 10 à jour
i9 / 32Go / GPU AMD VEGA 4GoVram
mlt de 646 Ko

Merci pour vos retours d’expérience sur le sujet.

In my testing (did you actually test it?) it was roughly the same. But I ran multiple times in each, and it was inconsistent.
Often times correctness (or the ability to correct things - see the release notes) is more important than speed.

I understand.
I use shotcut in production. Today a 45min video produced.
And then also I think that the export will depend on a lot of parameters including the content of the timeline (number of images, filters, etc.)
This is a parameter that I take into account in my work (the time it takes to render the export…)

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