CPU/GPU/APU Recommendations for video exporting

I haven’t pursued this question for some time. The “fancy” video editors support GPU processing but I am a retiree on a budget. They seem to have settled on NVidia video for the GPU as well. I currently have an AMD processor with four cores, knowing that more cores is usually faster at processing video. I also am as reluctant at using Intel processors as I am reluctant using M$ Windoze (Linux user here). At the time I built my present rig I was hoping that GPU processing would become more common place but that hasn’t seemed to happen. Too bad since this AMD processor is called an “APU” - a combined CPU/GPU - and the GPU has ten cores! Yeah - too bad. It ought to really fly.

Anyway, I am contemplating building a new rig (I have always done this - built my own) and I am wondering if anyone here has recommendations for hardware - based on AMD of course.
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Looks like I am only talking to myself. I just found this recent thread:

16 cores, 32 threads, 3.4 GHz base speed with 4 GHz under load - and ‘only’ $1000 usd just for the processor. I would love to have this for video. Here is an extensive review:

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The CPU/APU is the main priority for the video exporting. I am getting the error code 0x3e9(1001) in my system. I also try on fix error code 0x3e9(1001) for the help purpose but did not get any response.

@aricamartin you have not provided enough information to help. Looking briefly at your link it appears you are using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Not sure I can help you.

As an update for my original post, Shotcut now supports GPU processing during some exports. Very nice new capability - speeds things up enormously.