Covering parts of a video

Hi I am a total newbie, and have tried for several hours but making no progress…

I have a short video, with a white background. I want to cover something in the video. I am probably not using the correct terminology, but could really do with some help :slight_smile:

The video has three tracks, the bottom track with the video which has a mask applied - simple shape - (im not actually sure what this does) - infact i deleted it and it made no difference…
Track 2 above it has a size and position filter which i used to block the object in the video…
Track three has another size and position filter which i used to block the object in the video that the lower block didnt cover

My problem the object i need to block out is square, but the shape is rectangle.

This means the blocking rectangle is either not big enough to cover the square object or is too big and covers items next to the square object…

When i try and add another size and position on another track the rectangle object to cover the square, this object isnt filled white and, in fact is transparent!? - so doesnt block out anything…

I apologize in advance as i am sure this is a stupid question…

I dont understand why i cant work this out!

Here is a tutorial on how to cover up sections of a video with the Mask filters:

Another way is to use the Spot Remover filter.

Thank you for your help… I am obviously an idiot. :frowning:

I removed all tracks except the initial video
cut the video at the point i want to add the mask(blocking out)
Added mask simple shape
If i chose operation subtract or write on clear
I cant see any change on the video.

I want a small rectangle (150x150) which i can use to cover part of the video. i want to make it white as the background is white.

How did you define the block color?

Also tried the spot remover, it seems to be simple, except it blurs the background and doesn’t give solid white block - is it possible to make that just white?

What have i done wrong?

Here’s a project using 2 methods to cover part of a video. Used mask and size and position.

Cover.mlt (14.0 KB)

Look at how the filters are applied.

Thanks, how did you define the color of the mask in size and position?

The mask has no color properties. You need to select the color clip. Select properties. then set color there.

Sauron - thank you… im sorry - i dont understand what i am doing wrong

In one track i have a video split. I selected the second video segment
selected filters added mask
clicked properties (next to filters and export)- I see no color function
When i click File>open other> color - i can select color there but it doesnt seem to do anything
on the second clip i can see a black box, i presume that is the color (maybe its transparent) -

what am i doing wrong…

ps thank you for your patience, in explaining this…

The mask needs to be applied to the color clip above the video track not the video itself.
Look at the project I uploaded.
The red clip on V2 is the video. the white clip on V3 is the color clip used for masking/covering.

to change the color of the mask, select the color clip.


click the properties tab.


then click color.


Select a color, click OK.


Thanks - ok one last question, and then… i am going to jump out of the window!
on your white clip, i can see it looks like it is applied to an empty track. (blue with a line through it) - When i add a track it is green, and i cant add a color clip to it…

Thanks again, and thanks also to Hudson555x

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