Couple of my shotcut plugins


I have created couple of animated / static text producers. Main reason for creating them was for my wife YouTube video, but I thought I can also share them. Have fun.

You have to download directoriers in this repository and simply put them to SHOTCUT\share\shotcut\qml\filters directory. They should be accessible after restarting the program.


A great thing to do :+1:

Before I download, do you have any examples ?

Great idea. Don’t know why I don’t come to it myself.


They’re really slick. Great work! :slight_smile:

These look fantastic, Inocynt. Have downloaded the files and will experiment with them in a while. Thanks!!

Hi! I just tried out your Approach Animated Text Board 1 plug-in. Seems to work - but the text-box opens VERY slowly when I preview (play) in Shotcut. What do I have to do to speed up the animation, please?
Thanks - these plug-ins could be very useful!

PS I selected a clip in the timeline and applied the filter. I tried changing the duration of the clip but it didn’t seem to speed up the animation.
[EDIT: Just tried it again by re-starting SC and it worked! Much faster. Thank you, this will be very useful indeed to me. ]
[EDIT#2 : Ooops, just tried Approach Animation 2 and it’s VERY slow again, so I still need help please!!!]


If I understand your problem correctly perhaps you have to apply the plugin on some shorter cut of the movie. Simply make two cuts to create a short segment about 5sec long and apply the plugin on this one.

This is because plugins API doesn’t give any information about absolute time, only time relative to the position in current truck. BTW maybe someone knows how to get information about real time or frames count?

Know I read the PS - please select another track and move time cursor also on another track. Then select the track with plugin again and check if something changed. I’ve seen that strange behaviour before that sometimes shortcut improperly applying time to plugin on first attempt and after selecting the track again it is correct.

Ah, thanks Pietor, that would be a good technique to try. I have no time to try now, but I
will have a go tomorrow and let you know if I get it to work OK. Thanks.

Just had a very quick tryout and it seemed to work OK after following your advice. Thanks! Great plug-ins!