Counterclockwise rotation doesn't support negative degrees

What is your operating system?
Debian testing amd64

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?
22.05.23 (compiled from master), 64 bit

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Rotating the video using the handle only supports 0-360 degrees which is a problem if you want to rotate counterclockwise and go past 0°. Instead of small counterclockwise rotation you get a fast clockwise rotation. Changing the value directly using the slider or entering the number works fine, the issue only applies to the more natural visual way. Here’s a video that illustrates it:

you can rotate from 360 to -360 to get a double counter clockwize rotation, just enter the minus value in the field

Confirmed with Windows 10, 22.04.25 along with the nightly build mentioned in the 1st post.

Minimal steps:

  1. Open Other - color (any color)
  2. Size, Position, Rotate
  3. Use the VUI to rotate counterclockwise

Workaround: Use the blue slider in the Rotation field, or use the keyframes window.

I mentioned that and even demonstrated in the video. The problem is using the WYSIWIG tool (if I can call it that).

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