Could you have any plan for Korean user?


I am a big fan of Shotcut in Korea.

Recently lots of Korean want to make own short video and be trying to find great tool.

I think Shotcut is top of top in free software and many Korean people find Shotcut but they do not use Shotcut because of a leak of material in Korean language.

So I am creating tutorial and many tip videos for Shotcut in Korean.
(You can find I made many videos for Shotcut from 2019)
Shotcut tutorial in Korean

Today, why I contact to you, I want to share my knowledge of Shotcut to many Korea people by translating material to Korean(if you have) or making easy to find Korean language tutorial.

Furthermore, I will be so happy if I can find to way to help Shotcut team.

My heart is in the right place.

Please consider my suggestion.


Full marks to you for trying to help your fellow countrymen (and women) to master this fantastic and free video editor. Translations within the UI (User Interface) are done using Transifex

But it shows that all of the strings are already translated into Korean. However I note from your video tutorials that you use the English interface. Is there a reason why you don’t use the Korean one?

Thanks, I wish so many Korean people recognize this fantastic program.
But we are not using English then we are hard to study the Shotcut.

I think it is better that Korean find some tutorial videos or materials(pdf/doc …) in Korean at first visit to Shotcut homepage.

Anyway, I think you already understand my suggestions and meanings.

Additionally my answer from your question why I use NOT Korean UI.
I also use Korean UI recently but Shotcut did not support Korea UI 2years ago maybe.

If you see my latest videos, I use Korean UI :slight_smile:


I think most of my tutorials have Korean subtitles on it. Let me know if one of them doesn’t

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We have this web page:

If you produce a PDF I can post it there. I think it will get a little more exposure since it is linked from a few pages on the web site.


Thanks for your interest but I am Korean and I already made lots of tutorial video in Korean.
I subscribe your channel.
Have a nice day~

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Thank a lots your hint.
I will write manual in Korean.
If I finished, I will send it :slight_smile:
Thanks again, have a nice day~


Hello Shotcut Leader.

I send message with Korean manual pdf file.

Thanks a lots, have a nice day~ :slight_smile: