Could successive markers be given different colours?

I use markers frequently to mixdown short sections of a video, especially sections with text added, then re-import back into the project, replacing the multi-track sections. It speeds up timeline playback immensely. The loss of picture quality when mixed down as an mp4 is practically zero.

A niggly inconvenience occurs when I do this a several points in the video and I use Alt + M successively to automatically create a few markers.
The first marker appears… green. Then the next marker appears … green. Then the third marker … green.

I wonder if it would be possible for each successive marker to be a different colour automatically?
Thanks for considering, @brian!!


I’ve been wishing for such a feature myself a few times. But we should be able to switch this ON/OFF at will. A checkbox in the Markers panel maybe?


Yeah, at least a couple have requested this like @BlivetWidget in this thread here:

With the creation of the Markers panel,

an option like “Cycle Marker Colors” could easily be placed in the upper part there where it has Remove All Markers and Add Marker Around Selected Clips.

The Cycle Marker Color action was added in 22.12.25.