Corupt .mlt File? Please help

Thanks in advance. I use Shotcut exclusively for Youtube video editing on Ubuntu Studio. I haven’t had any issues until a few nights ago. After editing my video, I exported and left my laptop to churn out the .mp4 file overnight. The next day I was met with an error saying the export failed. I tried opening the .mlt file to export it again and it now says “Shotcut noticed some problems with your project. Do you want Shotcut to try and repair it?” I went ahead clicked yes and it next said “Repairing the project failed.” I attempted to open it again, this time clicking no. Shotcut then locked up and I had to force close it. Any help with this, or should I just start over. I’m using version 21.03.21 The .mlt file is attached.

F150 Mods.mlt (100.4 KB)

Thanks again!!

I opened your file in my version of shotcut, it also said it noticed some problems and asked if I wanted to fix it.
I said yes and it seemed to have fix it. It created a copy named F150 Mods - Repaired.mlt. No Failed notice. Here it is, maybe this one will work on your side (fingers crossed)
F150 Mods - Repaired.mlt (100.4 KB)

FYI Upon opening and repairing, View > Application Log shows

[Warning] MltXmlChecker::checkIncludesSelf This project tries to include itself; breaking that!

The repaired version provided by MusicalBox works for me and replaces that entry (last playlist item) with an “INVALID” clip.

So far so good!! It’s currently exporting as I type. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!!

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