Corrupted mp4?

Hey guys. So I have just finished a video and this is what I saw. The video is black screen and won’t play. So I don’t know what happened after exporting but I believe there must be some kind of conflict between “Edit-friendly” videos and normal videos, or between “Proxy” and normal videos.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can help

Most corrupted .mp4 files, is because the export failed or did not complete.

Try making a new export, if it don’t work, try another preset or try to not use HW encoding, it can make issues on some systems.

you can right-click the completed export job and view the log and save it to a file, it can give an idea if something in the export failed.

Screenshot from 2023-05-08 18-29-20

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What you have shown is not useful enough.

The video is black screen and won’t play.

Play where? Does it play in Shotcut? Is it black video or no video?

You did not explain how you exported. You should use defaults (no preset) to see if that works. If you had hardware encoder turned on, try without it. You need to do some troubleshooting on your own and explain what you did and what you experienced.

between “Proxy” and normal videos.

Some sources are incompatible with our proxy mode. For example, Google Pixel phones store a data track before any audio or video track and throws off our track indexing. You can open the source in Shotcut and choose Properties > menu button > More Information to get full details of any audio/video file.

For this bug see Black video sequences in export when using proxy · Issue #1395 · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub

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Yes. I apologize for not giving enough details.

It was fine in Shotcut, but the video didn’t play at all in Window Media Player. Only Black screen, no sound

The only setting I choose is “Parallel processing” because I want to export the video more quickly. The rest I still keep default. I haven’t even touched Hardware Encoder once

And for proxy. I have turned off “Disable Proxy” on some videos on Playlist inside Shotcut. And now the video is fixed and ready to upload

I will try to provide more details when asking next time. Anyway, thank you for your quick response, sir

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