Corrupted file crashing shotcut

So like the title, i edited my video for awhile. i tried to export it to see that it failed. so i checked the log and ect, and found that a clip i added is actually crashing shotcut. heres the kicker… everytime i go and right click it to remove it. it wont let me. so im out of ideas and fairly new to shotcut. any ideas or suggestions would be awesome

Forgot to mention, the short clip i downloaded to add into the video is a Webm file. didint know shotcut didint like webm :confused:

Are you looking for help?
You didn’t provide any information.

Where in the UI - Recent, Playlist, or Recent?
Why not? Both Timeline and Playlist have Remove options. For Recent, you simply select it and press the Del key on your keyboard.

didint know shotcut didint like web

Shotcut does support WebM. You can share your WebM with me.

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