Correcting excessive white in video - Mask:Chroma Key?

I have read the tutorials and still have not been successful. I have a video in which the faces and other whites are too intense. I tried to tone down the brightness of the white by using:
Mask:Chroma Key

I select the faces or shirt image with the pointer, then change the color from white to pink-orange
then click on Mask:Apply, but nothing happens.

Can you advise me step by step how to make this correction if it is at all possible?

Ron Smith

Chroma key masks works fine with clean colors, but in a video where some areas are over exposed, are properly hard to fix with that method

I see how effective it can be to eliminate green backgrounds and perhaps other large areas of a solid color, but glare from an over exposed camera, or too strong lighting is my problem. Is there any Shotcut filter or filter combination that can be focused on smaller areas of a cdertain color, in my case whites? I have tried using brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. but they affect the entire video, not just a focused area.

Ron Smith

You can use color correction and reduce the highlights, but the problem with over exposure is you loose all the information in the overexposed areas, they are just white, you can reduce the highlights but it will affects the whole image and the overexposed areas just become grayer, but no details.

Hi, have you tried this?
2 tracks with the same clip. Place the Mask: simple shape and Color Grading filters on the top track.
You can also use brightness, white balanceā€¦

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