Correct format for DVD Players

Could someone kindly give me the correct settings for encoding, so that when files are burnt to DVD clips etc will be able to play on DVD player,

  1. Select Export.
  2. Look for DVD. You have four choices. Select your video system NTSC or PAL and conventional or wide-screen.
  3. Select Export File. In the dialog box type in a filename. The file will be saved as filename.vob.
  4. Use a DVD authoring and/or burning program to complete the disk.


Any DVD authoring program I’ve used in the past (Nero, Corel, Cyberlink etc) will convert almost any common format to .vob. Remember too that the highest resolution that the DVD format can support is 720 x 480 pixels per frame for NTSC (or 720 x 576 pixels per frame for PAL).
That’s 480p or 560p

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