Corner Pin Keyframe, Clip Dragging Improvements and Others

1) I was experimenting more with the Corner Pin keyframes and there are some issues with how the keyframes behave.

In this demo here I create a start and end keyframe on Corner 1. Then in the middle I create a start and end keyframes for Corner 3:

but the way the animation goes is that after the end keyframe for Corner 3 plays out, Corner 3 then starts returning to the default position as Corner 1’s end keyframe plays out.

Can this be improved so that new keyframes added in the middle like that for Corner Pin don’t start defaulting?

2) The second request for improvement has to do with clips in the timeline being dragged around. In the demo here, I demonstrate two times that when a clip is selected first then selected again to be dragged around the mouse is in line with the position of the clip making it easy to move the clip. After that I then show that same clip being dragged around but this time without having the clip selected first. What happens is that if the clip wasn’t selected first before being dragged then the mouse is far away from the clip instead of being on top of the clip making it hard to know where you are taking the clip to.

Can this also be improved so that even if you drag a clip that you didn’t select first the mouse will still be on top of the clip when dragging? A similar issue can be seen in my demo for Corner Pin when I am selecting corners 1 and 2 and trying to move them and you see that the mouse is not on top of the corners while dragging them.

Adding two more suggestions that I forgot to mention:

3) This is in regards to the bug fix that was made in the last released version to what I reported on in the thread for the 20.04 beta version:

7 ) Start 3 video tracks. Have some clips on tracks V1 and V2. Lock V1. Do a select all. Use any clip on V2 as the lead to move the clips to V3. The V1 tracks will move to V2 above even though it’s supposed to be locked.

The fix as it goes now is that when you choose Select All with a locked track then you can’t do multi select. This fix creates an issue. What if you want to move all the tracks in your timeline around except for the clips in a certain track which is the one you want to lock? The only workaround is to manually multi-select those clips then move them.

It would be better if the fix is that when you do Select All with a locked track that it simply does not include the locked track as part of the Select All. That way in the aforementioned case you can move those tracks around and keep out the unwanted clips in the locked track very quickly.

4) Is it possible to add the newly added “Timeline” counter in Properties to transparent/color clips and transition clips?

This is fixed for the next version. Select All no longer includes clips on locked tracks.