Corner Pin ... cannot work with Chroma:Advance?


Is there a way to “hide” left and right black strips (mobile picture has this always) when using Corner Pin?
At the moment I use Chroma:Advance to get right of the left and right black strips for video and still picture.

But when I try to do “after effect” with “corner pin” … the left&right black strips always come back.
Is there another filter I should use to hide this black strip and make it transparent?
Perhaps the way to use the Chrome filter … has specific way of using with “corner pin” filter?

Rotate and Scale is overwriting the Chroma Key’s alpha channel. You need to move it before the Chroma Key, so the key’s alpha operation of Minimum works. Then, make sure the Corner Pin’s alpha operation is also set to Minimum.

Thanks Leader !!
It works !! how marvellous … this alpha settings on different filters combination and its effect still intrigue me … :slight_smile:
Learning 1 step at a time on “alpha effect” …
One minor problem … as the background is blue, and the image has black strips (left&right), I apply chroma color = black, thus some “bluish” color come out of the people in picture.
I think some color filter is needed … just can’t remember which one and in what sequence .
Any advise?

Thought I share … with corner pin make it easier to place a 3D video on a landscape with SC.
It’s a leaking a fountain lol … will fix it. Also texture still some works for me :frowning:

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