Corner Handles missing on Rotated Clip

Hi - I noticed that some of my clips did not have corner handles, which meant that I had to do all zooming using the filter dialog. But, some of the clips DO have corner handles which is useful.
After some experimentation, I saw that after a clip has been rotated, the corner handles are no longer available.
Am I missing something?

I believe it’s just how it’s programmed.
Add a 2nd SPR filter.

Order does matter with filters.

Rotation on bottom:

Rotation on top:

That is the way it is. It is more of a limitation than a bug because I could not make it work. If you can please submit a pull request in GitHub. You can still use the mouse wheel to zoom and hold Shift to drag the rectangle.

Thanks. Understood. No big deal. Thought the limitation lay in my understanding of how the program works.
FYI - when needing a better editor than Camtasia 8, and needing to limit expenses, I surveyed and tested up to ten editors and eventually came back to Shotcut, despite having struggled at first attempt. The modus operandi was a bit confusing, but now that I have given the program some time, I appreciate its versatility and power. I am glad I did try again because the detail accessible is really useful. I prefer to finalise settings via the numbers.
Thank you - hopefully I will be using Shotcut for many years.

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