Copying Section of Clip

What is the easiest way to mark and copy a section of a clip?

I’ve been splitting clips at the play head in two places and copying the clip in the middle to a second track. Is there a way to accomplish the same thing without splitting the clip? The copy would have to align with the track it came from.

Maybe there isn’t a way to do this and I’ll keep doing it by splitting.

I don’t think there is a way to mark and copy clips in Shotcut.

You could open the clip in the source viewer. Press c then select the source tab.

Then mark the section you want to copy using the i and o keys. Add the section to the playlist and copy it to the timeline.

Or drag and drop the section straight from the source viewer to the timeline (if you don’t want to have a copy of the section in the playlist).

In case you were doing this to have audio and video tracks separate: 18.06 introduced splitting of video/audio (right-click the clip in the timeline)

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How would I sync up the clip on track 2 with the video/audio on track 1?

With the original method I described, the copied clip is pasted to track 2 with the beginning of the clip lining up with the current location of the play head, so if you work from right to left in splitting your scene and don’t touch the play head, it all lines up.

It is video frame accurate but not accurate to the audio sample, so best to mute the pasted clip on track 2 if you don’t need that audio, such as when overlaying a title.

So maybe I’m already doing it the best way possible.

I just suggested a method that works for me. You can open a clip in the source viewer and adjust the in/out points without moving the play head on the timeline.

If it’s working for you then keep using your method.:smile: