Copying filters to timeline clips

I am at a loss to figure out how to add single or multiple filters to all clips on my timeline. With many clips it would be very time consuming to use cut and paste for each filter for each clip on the timeline.

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A work around is the add the filters to the source clips in the playlist. This way all clips taken from these will contain the filters.

I find it hard to believe that this is not possible. We must be missing something? What is the proper way to do this?

Edit: The “Copy the filters” buttons seem broken, as the “Paste” button is unavailable (grey) for my timeline. The workaround tintin mentioned doesn’t seem to save any time, for my project.

The latest version includes copy and paste for filters - buttons right next to the +/- in Filters panel.

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Either you are not using the latest version or you are doing something wrong, whatever it is.

Very much appreciate the help and attention. (Thanks and hello, glorious leader!) As I’m trying to figure this out, I did manage to copy and paste the filters once, which immediately crashed Shotcut. Restarted and loaded project, now the paste option is always grey. I think… I’ll just manually add the filters for now, finish this project, and hopefully my next project file will work better (I’ve been testing out many options during this one, few crashes, many saves and loads, etc).

Shotcut 16.10.01 x64
Windows 10 Pro 14393 x64

You must Copy something filters before you can paste, and if you restart or crash, whatever was copied is lost and not available in the next session.

I am also trying to do the same thing, I think. I have filters added to all videos in the playlist (source), if I understand correctly, but when I add the videos to timeline with “add all to timeline” option, the videos don’t include any of the filters. It is a bit time consuming to add filters manually for each video in playlist, and I copying and pasting to each video in timeline seems pretty exhaustive, if there is a way to associate the filters automatically with what is in the playlist. I hope that makes sense. I’ve been trying shotcut for a project and like so far, but struggling on this issue, as I’ve got over 40 clips, many of which have their own unique filter. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

This is an oversight in the coding, not intended. I fixed for version 17.11 due in very early November.

It’s fixed in 17.11.02.

I got the same issue. Shotcut does not offer a good solution on this problem.
For example, I usually edit big video like 2 hours videos, made hundreds of
clips, each section need simple black flashing transition simply. I can not do
this in shotcut with like copy/paste, a joking way. That is why I currently use
shotcut as a fast cutting tool only. I hope to see improvement in transition
design. It is very easy to use a button to apply a filter to all clips
in Edius or EVS editor. Hope to see such button and an extending transition
way in next shotcut version.

This would be an extremely big time saver for me, I’d like to be able to quickly create Size and Position filters to lay out videos in a grid, so 4, 9, or sometimes up to 16 different screens - that’s a lot of screwing around. Too bad it didn’t have a scriptable API.

Copying filters between clips on the timeline works for me, but if you append filters to items in the playlist they don’t ‘stick’. Enter them in the playlist then drag to the timeline and they have to be re-applied.

@shotcut… I can copy filters, but the keyframes for each filter is not copied… Can this be fixed?