Copy single filters

Firstly I think Shotcut is awesome and I would pay for it even if it wasn’t free/opensource.
I have one thing I would like to see added and that is the ability to copy and paste single filters with their parameters. Often I find after getting a filter how I would like it, I have already copied other filters over to the rest of my clips. This creates duplication of filters that I don’t want.
If I have missed some way around this I would be happy to know. Currently I delete a lot of duplicate filters.


Copy/paste a video part (with filters), delete not needed filters, copy/paste the filter…done.


Before you do this what @Earlybite discribed, uncheck those filters you don’t need from the source clip and then copy.
When pasting, it’s more comfortable to delete the filters you don’t need if there are already filters set in the desired filmclip.

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You can also save the filter parameters using the “Preset + -” dropdown list for future use in other projects.


Better way! :smiley:

I vote for this suggestion. I did make this suggestion before but since someone else is repeating it then I will chime in to support it. It only seems natural that in the filters list if there is just one or more items I would like to copy to another clip that you can just select that or multi-select the ones you want and have them pasted. It is limiting and annoying to have to copy an entire list of filters only then to have to delete the ones you didn’t want just to get the one or some filters you wanted to copy.

I hope this gets implemented.


That is what I do but there can be a lot of deleting. Certainly better than entering them manually.

I too love to see this happen. I’m new to Shotcut, the fist time I copied a single filter I pasted 3 instead, I fist thought of a bug and downloaded an older version where the issue persists.

ATM only one filter can be selected simultaneously, which is a noticeable limitation.

Thanks for that addition! It’s no fun to have a whole bunch of filters that you have to choose which to keep and which to get rid of (it’s not unusual for me to have a clip with five or six filters). I second DRM and Hotwire’s suggestion!

And to add to DvS’s’ point, you should not only just uncheck the filters, but assemble them in a manner than makes getting rid of the extras easier. Assembling them in the same way as they appear in the Timeline works best for me.

I also find it rather strange that the “copy filter” button copies every active filter by default, and not just the one/ones currently selected as is the norm in a lot of software products.

Yes: I could go through every active filter I have set and manually disable the ones that I don’t want to copy, copy the filters, and then reactive the other ones, but that’s utterly awkward and backwards UX.

The filters list does not offer multi-selection because the filter parameters UI and Keyframes panel reflect the one selected filter. If multiple are selected, which one should be displayed? I guess the first, but I bet people will report a bug or complain about those aspects not handling multi-selection as expected. If you make the code change I will consider it.

I like this suggestion too.

I was considering submitting a code change to add a ‘copy selected filter’, but allowing multi-select and copying selected filters would probably be better.
@shotcut how about when multiple filters are selected then no filter parameters are shown? It’s probably the least confusing/surprising way to support multiselect.

That works.