Copy/Paste Multiple Clips on Same Timeline with Transitions

Hi there,

I have about 50 clips on a timeline that lasts for 35 minutes. Each clip has a dissolve transition into the next clip and there is a pan/zoom effect that occurs from clip to clip.

I also have an audio playing in the background for 3 hours in length.

I want to copy and paste the 50 clips (with the transitions) to allow it to fill the entire 3 hours audio timeline.

How do I copy and paste all 50 clips (with transitions) to the end of original 50 clips and be able to connect the new 50 clips to the previous clips?

When I attempt, there is no transition X box from the last clip to the first clip. If I drag the first new clip over a section of the last old clip, it causes pan/zoom and transitions problems for the some (not all) 49 clips.

I hope I explained this issue well. Thanks.

I would do the following, assuming your project is called “Original.mlt”:

  • Use the menu File->Save As to save a copy as “Copy.mlt”.
  • Re-open “Original.mlt”.
  • Use the menu File->Open MLT XML As Clip to put “Copy.mlt” as source.
  • Append source to the timeline 5x to create a video timeline 3hours 30minutes long.
  • Add your transitions and trim.

besides using the proposal from @Elusien, you can also just export the 50 clips (video only) as a .mp4 or .mov (if it is transparent) and create a new project and add rendered clip as many time as you need with transistion between clips and add music and other stuff.
It will make it easier for shotcut to handle

Thanks to you both for helping. Shotcut is already proving to be a better choice than Openshot, because of the value of this forum! I followed what @Elusien recommended and it worked perfectly. I tried what @TimLau recommended and for some reason I can’t get the file to upload to the playlist. I tried clicking the “Add Files to Playlist” button and I tried dragging the mp4 file from my desktop to the Playlist screen, but neither way worked. Either I am doing something wrong, or maybe because the mp4 file size is too big at 110 MB?

To my mind the “Open MLT XML As Clip” is the better option anyway. It does not lose any accuracy, since there is no compression, as there is with the other option unless you use the lossless format, and the MLT file is considerably smaller than the video file. It is also quicker.

Tim’s method should work though - I’ve just tried it. 110MB is not that big a file, so I don’t know what the problem is. Was there an error message in the logfile View->Application Log?

And yes, I agree, the value of this forum, with so many people willing to help, is a large factor in the choice of Shotcut as the video-editor-to-go.

Agree, but sometimes it can be a little resource intensive, to have many .mlt as clips on the timeline, so sometimes rendering in good quality is they way to go to optimize your workflow, if your machine is not at super powerhouse.

It shouldn’t be. When you Open MLT XML As Clip, it applies all the filters and transitions and then renders that as if it was a normal video. It does not retain any knowledge of what filters were previously applied, nor what sources were used in the MLT file. It is simply a video clip, exactly as you would have got if you had exported the MLT file in a lossless format and imported that (huge) video file back as a clip.

These two methods will produce identiacal result, but the overheads in producing the lossless export, which like the other method has to apply all filters and transitions but which, unlike the other method has to render the video itself using Melt-FFmpeg then re-importing it are much greater.

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