Copy/Paste Filter glitch

Windows 7

Shotcut version 20.11.28 64bit

I believe I have found a problem that effects the “cut’n’paste” Filter function.
If my screenshots have uploaded correctly, it will show left hand side in Shotcut program (correctly) and right hand side, furthest right player dropped by about 1/3 after exporting.


I finally managed to correct this after making a note all the settings of the 1st occurrence
and completely (after deleting all filters) redoing ALL filters.

Not sure which filters to copy/paste.
Can’t duplicate the issue.
Perhaps more information will help.

Exported frame

Thanks for quick response Hudson555x
Filter(s) that seem to be affected are:

Size, Position & Rotate
Crop: Rectangle

The sequence was:
Track 2 - Hawaii shirt full screen
Track 2 - Hawaii shirt 1/2 screen right with Track 3 - red shirt 1/2 screen left
Track 4 - Black shirt added to centre as per screenshot
It worked perfectly the 1st time but not with copy/paste for later instances.

When you copy any filter, Shotcut remember it’s exact settings. When you paste those filters, it does not auto-adjust for a different track/clip (i.e. left, middle, right).

Depending on the order you pasted the filters will make a difference. Look at this post for reference.

Thanks, Hudson555x. I see what you mean but I’m not sure that this was the problem. I checked all settings (making copious notes) and I’m sure the orders were all identical. As you can see from the screenshots, the project view was ok, it was the .mp4 export that was different.

Can you share your notes? Myself or others can attempt to recreate what happened. Without steps/settings, it would be impossible to recreate/fix the bug you are reporting. I attempted to recreate the issue, but couldn’t. And yes, I seen your screenshot of what you experienced.

Perhaps make a different project with the smallest steps possible to recreate the issue that anyone could recreate for themselves.

Try as I might, I cannot recreate the glitch! I’ll take that as a good thing.
I went back to the original source files (I believe) and deleted all but the 1st filters I had set.
I copied/pasted the individual filters as I think I previously did, but after exporting (albeit a cut down version) it did not recreate the glitch (still taking that as a good thing!)
The only other element that may have had a factor, was, I think I had just started using “proxy files/views”. Don’t know if that might have made a difference. My re-test was using the proxy files.
Sorry if I’ve wasted your time, but thanks for the support.

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