Copy/Paste between 2 ShotCut Instances and a Thank You

I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinim and one cool feature that it has is that I can run the program multiple times and when I highlight a section in one instance if I paste to a different instance the clip is copied.

I am running Shotcut on Windows 10 64bit and from the zip version (so not installed). When I fired up a 2nd instance I guess it found the recovery files of the first instance and asked me to recover (which I ignored). But when I tried to copy paste between instances it pasted something that was already in the clipboard for the destination instance (I guess not unusual).

The reason for copy/paste between instances is that I found it makes cropping easier because I can just move one track to the timeline and find the section I want (maybe by splitting) then copy that and paste it into my 2nd instance which has the full project. It’s less messy.

I just wanted to let you know that this is the first new video editing software that will run on my 5 year old laptop. HitFilms Express 4 and the other one I can’t remember will not run due to my crappy Intel graphics card.

You can select the section you want from the source preview, just mark in (I) then out (O) and then add the selection to the timeline or playlist.