Copy move clip in timeline

I saw that there is a shortcut in another video editing program to copy a clip in the timeline from one video track to another! For example to overlay a clip to reduce flickering!
Can’t find this command in Shortcut?
Does anyone know a solution?

There is so one button function or “command” for what you are describing. With keyboard shortcuts (or menu actions), it’s rather easy to accomplish this within 4 steps.

From a new project:

  1. Open the clip in the Source viewer
  2. A (Keyboard shortcut for Append)
  3. Ctrl+I to add a video track
  4. A or Ctrl+V

From an existing project with the tracks created:

  1. Select clip
  2. Ctrl+C to Copy
  3. Ctrl+Alt+Up (selects the track above, or click the track header)
  4. Ctrl+V to Paste

Not sure this will reduce flickering. There could be a number of things causing flickering, which may be fixed by changing the settings of the project or simply converting the source clips to Edit-Friendly in Shotcut.

Thanks, it works now.
Had problems at first because. I had switched the two buttons (Do not overwrite) and (Overwrite) on.
Thanks have a nice day

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