Copy most frames, but re-encode only a few seconds?

I have a video 36 minutes long. There is a section I need to apply a minor edit to. The edit is only about 2 seconds of the video.

Is there a way to avoid re-encoding the entire 36 minutes, and copy the existing frames? It would be much, much faster to avoid re-encoding the entire video, for the sake of about 2 seconds.

I’m looking for something similar to doing ffmpeg -vcodec copy on all but the edited segment.

You can use Shotcut for the split part, but you’ll have to use ffmpeg for the merge.

So split your original clip into 3, and use the Extract Sub-Clip option in the properties panel to make the 2 large lossless cuts. Export the edited 2 seconds only, then use ffmpeg -concat


Shotcut can not do what you are asking for automatically. Using @daniel47’s hints, you might be able to accomplish it manually. But the manual effort would probably take longer than just re-encoding the whole clip.

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