Copy filters from one clip to another

Another quick tutorial, intended mainly for beginners.
I show how to copy one or more filters from one clip to another.

I wrote many scripts for these short tutorials in the past couple of months. So, time permitting, you can hopefully expect a few more of these videos in the next weeks.


Useful tutorial. Thanks for sharing these kinds of valuable videos. Fan for your YT channel.

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It is a pity that whole tracks cannot be copied. Often the filters are not in the clips but in the tracks.

You’re welcome. Thanks for your support.

While it’s true that you can’t really copy an ENTIRE track and paste a new identical track somewhere else in the timeline, I’d like to point out that it is however possible to copy the filters applied to the head of one track and paste them to the head of another track.

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You can copy and paste filters between clip and tracks as well.

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Yes, I know that.
But it is complicated if there are filters in clips and tracks.

True. :+1:
Now I feel bad for omitting to add this information in the tutorial.

Brilliant tutorial as usual, @MusicalBox . A tutorial as it ought to be - clear, concise and informative. There will be tons of people who didn’t know about this super-useful feature. Bravo, Maestro… :wink: :clap:

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Thanks for the very nice comment @jonray. Much appreciated.

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This is not working for me. When I try to pick the second clip I get an audible tone and no pick. Then the only way to get control again is to click on the escape key.

I noticed there is a newer version of Shotcut, and so updated. Now it works.