Copy filter set is no longer working?

What is your operating system?

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Is the copy filter set still working? I enter the name, or I leave blank, but no list of filter set appears when the Paste button is selected.
Maybe I don’t know how to use it…

Hello. How to install and use filter sets:
Download the ZIP file and unzip it.
In Shotcut, go to Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets
=> If you don’t see a filter sets folder, create it (use the exact name: filter-sets).
Open the filter-sets folder.
Move the unzipped file in that folder.
Close and Restart Shotcut.
Your new filter set should be visible in the filters tab, + ,Sets

I didn’t understand what zip are you meaning but, …

I’m using a portable version of shotcut, and the filters was all here:

then I’ve Set the directory here (AppDataDirectory → Set) :
and I’ve seen that every sub-directory and shotcut component was migrated and shotcut rebooted

If I do
Settings > App Data Directory > Show
the ShotcutCacheDirectory appears.

No evidence of
Settings > App Data Directory > Show > filter-sets


It seems that color settings are saved inside the root and also inside the filter-set directory, but still they didn’t appears at PASTE command over filters… the paste command just paste the last copied filter set.

Strange. What I’m wrong? Maybe just for the portable zip version of shotcut?

I also use the portable version.
Your screenshot doesn’t seem to be correct. It should look like this:

What’s in the filter-sets folder? A screenshot, please.
also have a look at this:

After clicking the “+” icon to add a new filter, there are category buttons across the top of the New Filter panel. There should be GPU, Video, Audio, Time, and Sets. The list of filter sets should be under the Sets category.

I think Paste only uses what is on the clipboard, as opposed to providing a list of existing sets.

@SergeC said the same thing as a single sentence:

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Hi, thank you for the answer but I haven’t solved it yet.
I’ve also found 8Gb of reversed video and stabilization files that were there from 2 years ago, so I should suggest a cleaning cache function in the software, but let’s think about the problem.

I’ve deleted every directory from shotcut at this position:

They are empty now.

I start the software. I select a clip and select copy - a dialog appears and tells me to leave blank for default or a text for saving this as a set. I type “G”.

I select another clip. I press Paste, but no dialog appears, and only the last “default” copy of filters is applied.
Should the dialog appear when the Paste icon is clicked?
Nothing happens…



OMG - here they are…

Your new filter set should be visible in the filters tab, + ,Sets


Thank you all.
It was working as expected but I was remembering a different process…



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