Copy clips from one file to another

I need to copy clips from one file to another, it’s pretty basic. Unfortunately, it seems this application can’t handle more than one file at a time. There got to be some way to do that, otherwise I don’t see how this can be a serious application.

Are you here to get assistance, or are you here to pass judgement?

If it is the latter, few here will take this as a serious forum post.


This could mean many different things.

What kind of file? Is it an .mpg, an .mov, an .mts, or is it a .zip package? There are many possibilities; in order to assit you, we need to know this first.

Are the clips already clipped within the file? Or will you need the program to clip them apart for you?

Do you want this to be file of separated clips? Or do you want a video, with the clips in sequence? Does the sequence matter? If so, is the sequence needed the same as they appear now, or does the order of clips need to be changed, or specified?

…another… What kind of output file do you need?

With the answers to these questions, we can begin to assist.

Maybe he want to copy one or more clip(s) from one project and paste it/them in another project ?

Perhaps; especially if combined with the common misapprehension that “the clips are stored inside the .mlt project file”.

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I’m here to express my surprise first. This is a damn well made application, I love it, I created a Facebook post on it to make people try it, so what looks like the absence of a very basic function surprise me A LOT. I would love to be wrong about this.

We are here to help.

However, to help you, we need much more information about what you are wanting to accomplish.

See the list of questions above.

Yess. Sorry for the wrong word. I have a PROJECT opened, with a bunch of clips. I worked on those clips, like cliping them, adding a fade out, etc. Now I have another project file on my computer, but I just can’t copy my clips and paste them in my other project. As I can only have one file (project) opened at a time, and the copy/paste function does not have any memory of the previous project opened, I’m screwed.

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The clips (as video clips) are not “in the project” as being inside the project file (projectname.mlt) The .mlt file contains a coded description of what you are doing in the project, so each clip is stored only as a pointer to where you have the video file on your computer, and the times of begin and end, any filters added, etc.
All of this clip information is purely contextual, so in the context of a different project, with a different context, how do all of these contextual issues get resolved?

This is a feature that has been discussed frequently in the Suggestions section of this forum, however, until now the design hurdles standing in the way have not been surmounted.

The first hurdle is answering the question…
“When a group of clips is pasted into a different project, how will they be integrated with what is already there?”
…to everyone’s satisfaction.

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Si, on peut le faire !

Yes, we can do it !

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If the group of clips requires no further editing, it is possible to Open MLT XML as Clip. I believe you would first need to make a stripped-down version of the first project, containing just the clips and edit you want, and save that under its own name.
I have myself not used this feature yet; others have discussed the feature at great length here, and will be willing to assist you. There are tutorial videos on this feature, I believe.

This sounds promising. It appear unfortunately a bit too cryptic for a general (intuitive) use (people need to know this can be used as such), but I’m very happy you shared this with me. I think it will solve my limitations and will greatly help me work with my Shotcut projects from now on. Thanks.

I’m not sure having multiple projects opened is important as a feature, I don’t care, but at the possibility of having a kind of dropbox for clips AND/OR the ability to keep anything copied in the application memory as long as the app is openend, just enough to open any other document and paste what you need.

As clips are like you said just simple bits of data, not the actual videos, I think it could be very easy to implement. Like copying a text.

Just don’t try that now, by using multiple, simultaneous Shotcut sessions. When this is done, Shotcut behavior becomes anomalous, at best, and frequently lock-up-and-crash. The Shotcut manual warns against this.

Like copying a text from the middle of map directions.

“…now turn to your left 45 degrees and go forward 600 meters.
Enter the third entry on your right…”

It is on the road map. We are a couple of volunteers working in our spare time. We cannot instantly make something feature rich in a short time. Most rich multitrack video editors have been developed by teams working full time for multiple decades.


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