Copy and Paste

So I’m editing my video and I want this specific audio clip to happen multiple times. It’s from a video so I downloaded the video as an MP3 and I cut all the other parts out and took the part I wanted. But I want to use this audio clip multiple times. I go to the audio clip and I see that I can copy it, but I can’t paste it anywhere. I’m new to Shotcut so I’m wondering if/how I can do this.

Have you tried Control+V on Windows
or Cmd+V on Mac?

Wow. That makes me seem dumb because I tried that before and nothing happened. It worked if you were wondering.

You actually don’t even have to press Ctrl to copy and paste. You just press C to copy and V to paste. B will reproduce the clip you copied also but it will overwrite any clips in its way whereas V will push anything in its way to make room for the clip.

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