Copy and paste clips created by "Open Other"

Hi, I’ve run into an impasse. I used file other to get a color background and added text to it, however unlike dropping down photos, once you drop the thumbnail down with the text, it does not appear that way in the playlist, so when I go to copy and paste from the timeline to add the same thumbnail again further down on the timeline (to avoid retyping the text every time) the green sections appear and the thumbnail seems to split up or something. I’ll need to do this often and really want to learn how best to do it. I hope you’re not too confused, it’s hard to explain. Thanks so much!

There are two ways to approach this problem:

  1. You could use the keyboard shortcuts C and V. Click on the text clip in the timeline and press C. Move the playhead to the position you want to paste the clip and press V.
  2. When you create a text clip by “Open other”, drag the clip from the source into the playlist. Now you can use it like other playlist items.

The first way should work but it seems as if you tried copying and pasting and got weird side effects. I have never experienced that with any type of clip. What version do you use?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I knew how to copy and paste it’s just that when I do I get the green spacing and the thumbnail doesn’t seem to want to come in clean but is moved around, but will attempt again. The version I have is 19.04.30

Try copying and pasting with the newest 19.09.14 version; perhaps that resolves your problem. Could you post a screen shot?
Also, does the second way work for you? That might be the most proper solution.

No, haven’t had a chance to try to the second suggestion yet. If it still doesn’t come in, will perhaps download the 19.09.14 version. Does that version have more features or something?

Really appreciate the help. (-:

Yes there are definitely more features and improvements since 19.04.30.

New features and fixes.

I tried again to copy and paste, and again I was able to copy but not paste. Downloading the newer version, whether it works right away or not, I’ll at least be updated, thanks!!!

It worked, yey!!! Thanks again.

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