Cool Zoom Overlay

I have created a new tutorial about how to show a part of a video as a zoomed overlay


Nice, but that thumbnail looks too much aggressive. Would you make it a little bit comfy to eyes, like single color, or gradients.

Plus using a vector graphic instead of png or jpg would make the laptop look much higher quality.

For ex:-

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The laptop is vector graphic, export at a very large image bigger that the frame


Useful tutorial. This shows a technique that can be adapted and used in many situations.

If you don’t mind @TimLau, I’d like to suggest this:
The Blur: Box filter creates a dark edge…


When this edge is not wanted or needed, it’s possible to remove it by adding a Unpremultiply Alpha filter to the white clip.



Thanks, I will remember that tips, to next time I want to make a frame with blur

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Than I don’t know why it shows me the laptop low quality and blurred.

May be compression, or something like that.

Are you watching it on 1080p on YT ?

Looks sharp to me as well.

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I was talking about the thumbnail, otherwise it looks sharp in the video. (And the upscaling feature from the tv makes it even more sharp)

very nice guide!

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