Cool intro template


Took me about 30 mins to make but it turned out great

(also i’d like some constructive criticism so i know what I can do even better! :slight_smile:)



All of the animated components (.e.g colored background, text, graphic behind text, etc…) were done with keyframes in Shotcut?


Very cool, well done. :+1:


No they were premade images but I used the circular frame filter to give them the rounded look when they slide in

The text was all keyframes and 3 layers for the “ghost” effect and the lightning animations were a chroma key animation pack video


Thanks! It means a lot


Its really cool. :+1::clap:. I like it. Did you use Shotcut?


Well obviously! would I share sony vegas edits on the shotcut forum? XD (I’s surprised how capable shotcut is too)


Um…wow that was really good…if you used key frames here I’m still getting the sense of those lol but this was very well done!