Cool intro template

Took me about 30 mins to make but it turned out great

(also i’d like some constructive criticism so i know what I can do even better! :slight_smile:)



All of the animated components (.e.g colored background, text, graphic behind text, etc…) were done with keyframes in Shotcut?

Very cool, well done. :+1:

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No they were premade images but I used the circular frame filter to give them the rounded look when they slide in

The text was all keyframes and 3 layers for the “ghost” effect and the lightning animations were a chroma key animation pack video

Thanks! It means a lot

Its really cool. :+1::clap:. I like it. Did you use Shotcut?

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Well obviously! would I share sony vegas edits on the shotcut forum? XD (I’s surprised how capable shotcut is too)

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Um…wow that was really good…if you used key frames here I’m still getting the sense of those lol but this was very well done!

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