Converting vhs to dvd

I Convert vhs tapes to digital and burn them to dvd. Can I use shotcut to edit out unwanted frames.


I’'ve watched the videos, just can’t figure it out can you help

Open the source video, drag it into the timeline, slice out the unwanted parts (s). Export.

Have you watched these two videos:

Those are probably the best introductory videos. Should tell you everything you need. Let us know if you have more specific questions.

I think my problem is what export format to use. I guess one of he dvd formats.

My problem is what format to use to burn to dvd.

My problem is working out what you’re asking. You start the thread asking about editing out unwanted parts now it morphs into what format to burn.

Use the forum search function, there are numerous threads discussing this.

You will want to choose an export format that is compatible with your DVD authoring tool (Shotcut can’t author the actual DVD). The DVD formats would be a good place to start. Try one of those out and let us know how it goes.

By the way, @tape2disc, VHS conversion is an interest of mine, too. If you don’t mind me asking, I would be curious to know about your capture and authoring workflow. What deck do you use to play the tapes? What do you use for capture? What authoring tools do you use.

ooh let me show you my workflow

method #1 is my old one, atm i dont have any tapes to transfer soo in the future i probobly will use shotcut for capturing

here is what hw i use

  • Random Sony VHS Player
  • Hauppauge USB-Live2 (Hauppauge Cx23100 Video Capture) USB Capture
  • Capture to 720x576 huffy/lagarithwith pcm or flac (so no quality is lost)

so would be interesting to see what tape2disc uses

Go to I use their VHStodvd, which is an old software. I use ezgrabber capture card. they have more recent software and capture card., I just haven’t upgraded.

To be honest, In 2018, I don’t see the point of using DVD as it’s a something that can deteriorate§. you should test it every 5 years at least and if there is an issue, it’s too late and you will pass a lot of time to transfer again to an other format.

Oh capture cards! I use one of these although I think VHS decks with HDMI or SDI aren’t super common(I got one from an old tv station) Sidenote, I currently use their build in capture software are there any chances we’ll ever see shotcut connect to stuff like the AJA or Blackmagic hardware for native capture?

Shotcut already supports capture from Blackmagic Decklink cards. Click on File->Open Other->Device->SDI/HDMI then select your card from the list.

ok that’s cool, I’ll have to try it with my AJA card(or just pony up for a new blakcmagic card I need a new one for 4k anyway)