Converting to Edit Friendly

I shoot a LOT of video with my smartphone (another oxymoron?) and so the videos need to be converted to Edit Friendly format.
I like that you have added the feature not to ask next time, but I am wondering if Shotcut will automatically use Good when it doesn’t ask.
It would be nice to add an item in preferences that would specify a default conversion setting - Good / Better / Best - and then select a name for the converted file that includes the conversion setting. That way, I can skip the convert to edit friendly dialog, and see from the file name which setting is used. I can then proceed to convert and save the file, or cancel and change the conversion setting.
I recognize this is very minor!
Thanks for a wonderful video editor!

No, but after importing simply go in the menu to View > Resources to batch convert them.


Gosh, @shotcut - View > Resources - I just checked it out. That is VERY cool. Thank you.

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