Converting iPhone Footage to Editor Friendly (59.94 or 60 FPS))

Hello again, for a while I’ve been using the convert function ever since learning about it in this forum. I just have another question about it. I have an iPhone 13 and even with auto FPS off, it records at slightly less than 59.94 FPS. Considering this, is it better to set the framerate to 59.94 or 60 FPS for the conversation? If I don’t overwrite it, then it’s either one of the two, probably because of how the frames are set up.

Knowing this, is it better to set the frame rate to 60 FPS? This might be better for me since I prefer duplicate instead of deleted frames.

iPhones are true 60fps. They are not bound to NTSC 59.94fps. The non-exact 60fps you’re seeing is probably the average across variable frame rate.

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