Converting a vertical video so it takes up whole screen


I am new to shotcut and this forum. My experience with shotcut has been very positive ! I have finished editing a video—which was filmed on portrait on my iPhone.
The video does not take up the full screen and has two black vertical blocks next to it ! With the video in between. When I attempted to export the video onto YouTube the video still did not take up the full screen. How can I get rid of the black lines on the side and have the video take up the full screen.
Any advice will be appreciated

You can export a portrait video as landscape and fill the whole screen, but of course it will have to chop off some of the footage. So either your head will be cut off or you will have just your head in the video and not your body. Is this what you intend? \or you could stretch it sideways and be 3 times wider.

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Watch this tutorial:

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Hi thank you for your reply ! Ideally, I would want nothing chopped off. How do I stretch the video?
And if I exported it landscape, could I choose what parts were chopped off?

To remove the black stripes from a video taken in portrait mode and displayed on a screen in landscape mode, there are 3 possibilities

  • Stretch the video, the subject is then distorted.
  • Zoom in, but you can no longer see the head and hands at the same time.
  • Rotate the image by 90° (not ideal if you want to watch on the TV in the living room).


thank you sharing! My video is a bit different because the whole video is vertical-- i don’t need to rotate–just stretch to fill the space. I found the ‘scale’ tool helpful though. Thank you

Thanks for your reply.I want my head and body to remain in the video. How do I stretch?

The tutorial doesn’t just talk about rotating the video. It also demonstrates a method of filling that empty space by duplicating the video twice which is why I shared it with you because it’s relevant to your case. Go watch the video I linked you to from 5:03 onward.

If you are attempting to edit just this one iPhone video for YouTube, YouTube accepts any video resolution size, and will not bake in black bars.

If you set your video mode resolution to match the resolution if your video, it will be a vertical video on YouTube with no black bars.

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