Converting a 360 video to fisheye projection

Is it possible to use shotcut (or more likely an extra filter) to convert a video from 360 to fisheye projection?

A typical situation I might have is such as recently where I have a 360 video from the clean room for the webb space telescope construction and I want to rerender that into a fisheye version that I can play back in my planetarium.

I’ve found various tools to go from fisheye to 360 but not the other way!

Thanks in advance.

No, but you try can using ffmpeg with its v360 filter:

Thank you. I shall try,

I am in the position of knowing exactly the effect I want to acheive but neither knowing which tools can achieve it or, in the case of ffmpeg, which of its seemingly infinite number of parameters and options might do what I want.

Thanks again.

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