Converted File is Huge

I have an ~10 minute video I captured with Shadowplay and while the original file is 1.46GB the converted file Shotcut returned is 46GB. Upon importing the file to Shotcut the program requested I convert it because it said the original had a variable framerate. Why is the converted file so huge and is a conversion really necessary, is there anyway I can capture the video in a manner that Shotcut like straight away?

Not with shadowplay - see here:

You could try using OBS Studio instead, which does record at constant framerate.

You don’t have to convert to edit-friendly (basically constant framerate), but Shotcut works best with constant framerate videos, while many people experience lots of difficulties (e.g. syncing audio with video and some strange effects with filters) with variable framerate.

The converted files are much bigger because Shotcut tries not to lose too much information from your original video and because of course it is converting from variable framerate. Say for example Shadowplay recorded 2 consecutive frames 1 second apart, if you converted this to constant framerate at 60fps, these 2 frames would be converted to 60 frames.

You can reduce the size by choosing the good/medium/H.264 option in the Convert dialog. The others are larger if you chose. The reason it is large is because it is not only about removing the variable frame rate but also making it edit-friendly and minimizing quality loss. Some quality may be lost when using most compression schemes (except lossless ones). It also removes the keyframe-based temporal compression to make seeking fast (edit-friendly).

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