Convert to edit-friendly not working

Windows 10 Pro (version 2004) (Up to date as of posting this)

200711 64-bit (portable)

Yes, the issue is repeatable and began with 200628, however remains broken in 200711. The issue is that the “Convert to Edit-Friendly” is not actually resolving an issue with videos. Doing the same process in 200412 is the last release it is working for me.

The issue is that I have several videos in which the video has some sort of error at the end in which the video freezes, and even becomes slightly darker for the last second or less. The audio, however keeps going. This mostly happens with .MOV files, but also with mp4 and other file types. Up until the last 2 versions, I have been able to correct the issue by converting the file to edit-friendly version. With versions 0628 and 0711, The program converts the files, however the “error” at the end is still there. I can then go back to 0412 and do the conversion and the file is corrected.

I have provided logs of the conversion when working and when broken, a sample of the file, and well as a video screen capture of the original video issue happening. Files are in the link below due to size, though I can direct upload if needed.

Thank you.


I am sorry but I might not be able to fix this for you. Convert is not completely broken; it simply no longer fixes the problem you are experiencing with your original files. The difference between before and now is that before it did not keep the order of audio and video tracks in the file and always output video as the first track. But with the introduction of the proxy feature, I changed this so that it keeps it in the same order as the original. It is very important that proxy files have these in the same order as their original. I will do some more testing to see if this change in Convert is still necessary.

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The bundled ffmpeg is also different by two minor versions. It’s possible the ffmpeg team changed something to more accurately represent the original file. It may actually be better this way so that generated proxies more accurately represent the originals.

Also: this was an exquisitely documented bug report.

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Sounds good and makes sense. I appreciate you doing further testing. If it needs to be like this, no worries. It is very possible I was getting lucky with the convert fixing my files when it should not have been doing so intentionally. I mostly didn’t want a smaller bug to be introduced and fly under the radar. I noticed the version number too and was wondering if something had been changed/fixed.

Austin, thanks very much for the kudos. I like to give as much info as possible so there is less back and forth. I work as a Tier-1 contact for broken things, and always like when I get all the info I can right off the bat.


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