Convert to Edit-Friendly - Mouse right-click inoperative

I carefully think there is a bug in the program.
Loaded some short downloaded video clip into ‘Shotcut’, just to cut some comercials on both ends.
A window saying “Convert to Edit-Friendly” opened, see attached screen shot.
Just wanted to check properties of this clip, why that window.
(By the way, this window opened several times with different downloaded clips)
The strange thing is, as long as this window is open on the screen,
mouse right-click inoperative all over file explorer, no matter where. Closed this window, all back to normal.
Or is it only on my computer ?
Answers will be appreciated
Shotcut version 24.06.26,
OS Win 10 pro, 19045.4529 x64
Convert to Edit-Friendly

I do not reproduce that. How is it possible? If Windows lets one application prevent actions in another application, that is a Windows bug. That is not something we control or can fix.

Thanks for the answer.
Since I do not have another computer to check it, I think to send the ‘question’ to windows 10 forum, with attached short video clip. Some of them may have “Shotcut” installed.
To see if it is a windows bug.
After all, it is not a matter of such importance, and I’ll wait for their answers. Just curious.
Thanks again.

Oh, it happens when you drag-n-drop from Windows Explorer. I reproduce it. It does not happen with some other file managers on other operating systems. It is weird that Explorer requires the receiving application to somehow accept or reject before it continues. It is like it assumes the app receiving the drop is another file manager that is copying or moving a file. I will take a look, but I am not sure I will fix it.

This is fixed for the next version 24.08