Convert Day to Night effect


I am learning “Google Earth Studio” to create virtual tour.
I like to convert a day time to night time video.

Appears this is possible in Adobe AE. But to achieve it, they uses
1st video track … apply 3 filters
Invert filter
Linear Color key filter x 2 (1 to key out water color and 1 to key out sky color)

2nd video track apply 3 filters (same filter with different settings)
Invert Alpha x 3 (to filter out Red, Blue and Green respectively)

What are the equivalent filters I can use to replace
Linear Color Key
Invert Alpha

Here’s the tutorial using AE to achieve Day to Night conversion

I made a video about this months ago on my old channel named shotcut tutorials, but it was hacked so I needed to delete that channel.But I still have that video, I will upload it today and give it to you.

nice … await your file @Ar_D
This will be interesting …

Here it is, The last one was not so good so I also made a new version.

Thanks @Dropbox,
Hmm not quite the effect for a city skyline at night … perhaps I will try this out and see better.

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