Convert all source mp4 to mkv in batch?

In some cases Shotcut asks to convert source file (variable frame rate) mp4 into edit-friendly format.
OK. :slight_smile:
But what if I want to convert ALL those source mp4 files “at once”, better say: in a batch?
Well, I’ve searched the Forum… and found the “export each playlist item” solution.
I load the mp4 files into the playlist (drag and drop from the folder).
Then I select from the stock the FFV1.
In advanced I set mkvtimestamp_v2…
I click on “Export”, navigate to the destination folder, but clicking on “Save” button does nothing.
What I am missing?
AND am I doing good? I want to convert all files to the best mkv what is selectable in the dialog window when opening a variable frame rate mp4 file (here is the attached screenshot of that dialog window):

Convert is not the same as Export. Convert uses the ffmpeg command line utility, which is better at reading variable frame rate than MLT. Export uses MLT, which is the engine that has the VFR limitations. In any case, it may likely still work for simple sequential processing of a whole file. So, give it a try and let us know how it goes. In the Export panel, you need to change From = Each Playlist Item. It will create multiple export jobs in the Jobs panel and name each file like ___-N.mkv. It works for me. Show a screenshot.

Thanks, but…
I just dropped the mp4 files into the Playlist window. No Timeline items.
Well… I am quite familiar with the command line. Can I know the exact ffmpeg.exe command line for this configuration?
(what is on this pic)
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The Timeline does not matter, and you did not post a complete screenshot like I did. The command line executed is reported in View > Application Log.

ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -i source.mp4 -map 0 -map_metadata 0 -map -0:d -map -0:s -map -0:t -ignore_unknown -f matroska -codec:a flac -codec:v ffv1 -coder 1 -context 1 -g 1 -threads 4 output.mkv

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Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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