Controlling the length of a recording


I’m an 80 year-old Movie-Maker orphan, so please have patience with my elementary questions!
I’ve purchased a “how to” program but it does not help me with many issues

How do you make the recording end at the end of the last clip in the timeline? When I replay what I thought was a final version of a video, my recordings go on and on way past the last clip (same for the audio track)


I’m not quite sure I understand the question. It sounds like you may have an extra section on a track that you’re not sure is there.

When you export from the timeline it will export the whole timeline.

Click the End button on your keyboard when on the timeline to reach the very end. Does not matter which track or clip that is selected. If you have more than one track you can just up arrow or down arrow to find the clip that you may have forgot about. This video is exactly 1 minute, 43 seconds long, and that’s what had been exported.

If you’re operating from just one track, and if it’s too long, just press S where you want to split the track, right click, remove.

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